About Model Engineers Laser


Model Engineers Laser started back in 2004 when Malcolm High first retired. Over one Christmas he was hacking out frames for his Holmside, using a hacksaw, chain drilling, and finally, the milling machine. A few months later, Malcolm was introduced to a laser cutter for the first time and realised there was a much easier way to cut metals, and not only that, it would be considerably more accurate.

Malcolm started producing files for some of the popular locomotives, for friends, and then for friends of the friends, and then fellow model engineers who didn't even know the friends of the friends - Model Engineers Laser was born! It was intended to be a one-day-a-week venture, as something to keep Malcolm occupied. Fast forward fifteen years to 2020 and Model Engineers Laser could boast a product list of over 22, 500 parts on the database, and had sent out over 425, 000 parts all over the world, some of which to places as far away as Tasmania. With cuts of about 1500 parts being arranged nearly every fortnight, ranging from tiny O Gauge parts to 10 & 1/4“ gauge, as well as large custom cuts, it was no longer the one-day retirement job that Malcolm intended, and it was time for Malcolm to retire, properly.

Malcolm was very careful to ensure that the new owners were also model engineers, with the right skills to take the business to another level. Some of the customers have some very technical questions, then there are the 1500 parts that are cut every fortnight that need identifying, sorting and distributing. The new owners would need to have a good understanding of engines and what different shapes are, as they really are just shapes, with no indication of what they are, so new owners need to have some idea of what they are looking at.

In 2021, Edward Parrott purchased Model Engineers Laser. It was the perfect fit - having been a customer for nearly 10 years, a turner by trade using CAD and CNC machines, but skilled in other engineering disciplines, too. He is an active member of his local MEL society and also 3rd generation volunteer on the Talyllyn Railway as a Blockman and Fireman. Both his, and his local Model Engineering Societies’ models featured extensive use of laser-cut parts, all of which had been produced by Model Engineers Laser. Edward saw a great opportunity to take on the amazing range of products, and could also see further development opportunities, too.

Model Engineers Laser continues to offer the bespoke service cutting, and all the original catalogue of parts, but continues to grow it on a very frequent basis, in the first 18 months under the new owners, the catalogue grew to over 29,000, that is an average of over 11 new parts EVERY day! Edward’s wife Holly helps with the business too, having come from a business background, but also a modeller in her own right, and a volunteer on the Talyllyn Railway since 2005. They make a great team and have quickly obtained a reputation for great customer care, in-depth knowledge and a cost-effective service.